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Huston Tillotson


Team City:

Tarragona, Spain

Shoe size: 48

Height: 199cm

Average points

per game:

Number: 6

36% 3pt (37-104)

Turned Pro: 09/19

Average minutes

per game:

Weight: 99kg

Average assists

per game:

Average rebounds

per game:


Alex Doche


Birthdate: May 15, 1995

Passport: USA/France

Team: Ibersol C.B. Tarragona, Spain EBA 2022-23


An emotional leader on the court. Very talented player that can move easily from PF to SF if needed. Is a truly complete player and can 'do it all'. Handles opposing pressure very well allowing team mates to score open easy buckets with pinpoint passing. Possesses excellent size to be a real solid mismatch taking smaller opponents to the post while blowing by bigger slower players off the dribble.  Has the ability to take over a game when necessary and be a real presence on the boards. Also a great defender will always be called upon to shut down the opposing teams' best player whether that be a SF or PF. Athletic with great body control allows him to take contact and finish strongly at the rim to consistently get the shot off. Will find a variety of ways to score and will make good shot selections with the shot clock running down.  Has continued to show improvement and has a great upside as he continues to develop.


Alex Doche Highlights in NAIA 2019

Alex#45light - 20pts, 4rebs, 2asts, 1stl, 4-9 3pt

Melilla vs Gijon - Spain Leb Siver 2021-22

Alex#45blue - 16pts, 7rebs, 1asts, 1stl

Melilla vs Clavijo - Spain Leb Siver 2021-22

Alex#2dark red#'s - 23pts, 6rebs, 4-7 3pt

Geissen vs Dresden - ProB Germany October 25, 2020

Alex (#2dark) - 22pts, 7rebs, 5-11 3pt, 1-3FT  Geissen vs TVS Tropics - Germany ProB 20/21

(click the link below to watch on youtube)


2022-23  Spain EBA - Ibersol CB Tarragona: 8.1ppg, 5.0rpg, 1.0apg, 22mpg, FG 36%, 3pt FG 36%(37-104), FT 62%

2021-22  Spain LEB Silver - Melilia (9 games): 7.9ppg, 2.4rpg, 1.4apg, FG 41%, 3pt FG 33%(11-33)

2021-22  Austria BSL - St. Polten: signed but immediately left to Spain

2020-21  Germany ProB - Geissen2: 16.3ppg, 6.3rpg, 1.0apg, 25mpg, FG 55%, 3pt FG 42%(11-26), FT 50% (season cut short due to Covid)

2020  Spain LEB Silver - Navarra (joined in Jan’20): 7.5ppg, 2.6rpg, 1.0apg, 18mpg: FG 28%, 3pt FG 38%(15-40), FT 92%

2019  Spain EBA - Cullerdero (left in Dec’19): 20.5ppg,  9.5rpg,  0.9apg, 29mpg, FG 47%, 3pt FG 32%,(29-91) FT 33%

2018-19  NAIA 1 - Huston Tillotson: 16.3ppg,  8.8rpg, 1.0apg, 1.0spg, FG 44%,  3PT 39%(54-139), FT 69%

  • 2019 NAIA All American Honorable Mention

  • 2019 Red River Conference First Team

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